SST Basketball Academy

SST Basketball Academy is designed for players who love basketball and have the desire to improve.  Whether you are in elementary school or a collegiate player, the academy is designed to help all players develop athletically. Unlike typical basketball camps, the SST Basketball Academy will teach far more than basic basketball skills.

Ball-handling, shooting mechanics, offensive and defensive footwork patterns, short to long range finishing elements, and decreasing inefficient movement patterns to compete at the highest levels.

Game Situations

Reading a defense, running an offense, fast breaks, post moves, creating your shot, help defense, pick & roll awareness, and overall offensive/defensive development.

Athletic Development

Increase speed/agility, build explosive power/strength first step quickness (linear/lateral), cardiovascular efficiency, injury prevention.


Confidence, goal setting/mind mapping, game and practice focus/preparation, self-discipline, positive attitude and leadership.

Camp Size

Min: 5 athletes / Max: 20 athletes (1:5 coach to athlete ratio). We reserve the right to change class times ± 1 hour and combine classes. If needed, you will be contacted 1 week prior to academy.


Download the SST Basketball Academy Brochure (PDF)